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A HomeStory crew of two can install every door in a home in a few hours, which allows this same crew to complete tow to three homes per day, rather than one home in two to three days using older replacement methods such as pre-hungs.

Lean Labor Costs Drive Our Profitable Franchises

A Typical Day For A HomeStory Crew

Older methods of door replacement, such as pre-hung doors, are labor intensive and can take two to three days to complete a whole-house installation. Because HomeStory Doors are custom-fitted, pre-painted, and ready for installation, a crew of two can have an entire home done in 2 to 3 hours. And that means that your crews can complete an average of three home installations per day, adding more profits to grow your bottom line.

It is this innovative and revolutionary business model that has led to our position as one of the most profitable franchises in the US.

One of the most exciting things about the HomeStory franchise opportunity is the efficient and lean labor model. In contrast to typical installation crews with expensive labor costs due to specialized technicians, skilled craftsmen, onsite project managers, or experienced engineers, a HomeStory crew operates with just two people. That’s it!

In the morning, each installation crew can load up their service truck with up to 30 doors, then head out to the first installation appointment of the day. One crew member will introduce themself to the homeowner, walk the client through the door replacement process and what to expect, and answer any questions the homeowner may have. While this is happening, the second crew member can begin staging the doors for installation.

There is no manufacturing, no onsite calculations or measurements, no production work, and therefore no mess, stress, or hassle. Just a quick home transformation for your customers that takes 2-3 hours instead of 2-3 days. And the homeowners are typically blown away by how easy, professional, and quick the process was, while providing such a huge change to their home’s interior and visual aesthetic.

That means your clients are happy, your employees are happy, and customers will provide referrals. The result? A profitable franchise that provides unlimited opportunity for future growth and success.

Other franchise opportunities tend to be highly variable or unpredictable, shifting with the market and making it difficult to plan efficiently to optimize profitability. The HomeStory franchise opportunity is based on an efficient model that is predictable for the business owner, making it easy to manage and scale as needed.

Predictability Leads To Profitability

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Are you looking for a profitable franchise opportunity to begin your own business – or to expand the potential of your existing business? Becoming a HomeStory dealer gives franchise owners the strength of the HomeStory Doors brand name, along with the innovative technology, precision, and commitment to quality of the HighMark Digital corporate identity.

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The History Of HighMark Digital

The legacy of HighMark Digital is built on precision, speed, and top-quality custom door technology, which has secured our position as one of the best franchises in the home services market. Our franchise owners have the capacity to leverage the precise technology driven by the Highmark Digital corporate identity, in combination with the reputable brand name of HomeStory Doors. The result is a franchise opportunity that combines a stellar brand reputation with the modern technology needed to thrive in the dynamic home services market. Our highest priority lies in driving sales and developing innovative tools to overcome the most prevalent issues often seen in the industry, while giving our franchise owners the opportunity to create lasting success.

Begin the journey to your profitable business opportunity today!


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You are now officially a part of one of the top franchises in the home services market. We’ll continue to support you with marketing materials, guidance from other franchise owners, and opportunities for continuous learning and development.

Strategic Planning and Business Formation

Upon application approval, we’ll dive deep into our franchise opportunity strategic planning process, which includes financial review, territory mapping, and signing of legal documents.

Application Review

After you have completed your franchise application form, we will review and begin the approval process.

Franchise Opportunity Discovery Process

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