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The Process Behind Our Proprietary One-Cut Technology

There aren’t many home improvement services that can create a dramatic improvement in just hours with no construction and no mess, and that are also affordable enough to put on a credit card. This is where our technology-driven franchise opportunity has changed the game for not only franchise owners, but for homeowners across the country.

Our proprietary door-measuring technology, driven by our innovative One-Cut service, brought a lasting shift to the door replacement industry that is still upheld today. HighMark Digital has made the process of replacing all doors in a home in 2 hours possible and affordable with its simple 3-step process: Measure. Cut. Install.

This technology is the driving force behind our reputation as one of the best franchise opportunities in the home services industry.

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Our revolutionary door-measuring technology allows for unsurpassed precision and accuracy, without worry of inconsistencies due to human error. Each existing door opening is measured in just a few minutes, including the geometry of the opening, the hinge positioning, and the lockset placements, and also accounting for imperfections like a bowed jamb.


After the exact measurements are recorded, the doors are custom milled on a CNC machine at HighMark Digital’s production facility. Each door is manufactured to the precise specifications recorded by the One-Cut Measuring Device, taking the guesswork out of the door manufacturing and production process. After the custom-fitted door is pre-painted with a high-quality spray finish, it is ready for delivery to the franchise owner.


Each custom door is delivered directly to our dealers, with a perfect custom fit that allows all doors in a home to be installed in 2-3 hours. Installation is simple, straightforward, and cost effective with a crew of only two, and no specialized knowledge or technical experience is necessary. The doors will slide right into the existing hinge pockets on the jamb and close seamlessly.

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Our affordable custom doors offer homeowners superior cost savings over other brands and big-name retailers, led by a successful model that our profitable franchises are built upon. Our legacy is built on technology, and our franchise owners play a valuable role in our future success as an enduring mainstay in the home services industry. We are committed to providing every HomeStory dealer with the ongoing support, encouragement, and resources needed to take this franchise opportunity and make it their own.

Through modern innovation, research, and development, we are always seeking new ways to ensure our technology is efficient, relevant, and cost-effective. Our top priority is to create profitable franchises for our dealers, and we also encourage input, collaboration, and feedback from every HomeStory dealer across the country.

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