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The Interior speak for themselves


You will be provided a website domain to operate online with a specific landing page tailored to your geographic area. Included are HomeStory email addresses to communicate with customers and assets such as videos, graphics, images, and logos. These are not to own, but to operate as a HomeStory Dealer

At HighMark Digital, we have developed a robust automation system that works in conjunction with our proprietary CRM called HomeSource. Our demand generation is connected with sophisticated software that allows leads to be contacted instantly through SMS text and email notification. We also have automated the reply system through leading online platform to make sure leads are contacted in a short time frame. In our industry 78% of customers will buy from the company that responds first.

HomeStory Doors also has a National relationship with a large Big Box Home Improvement Retailer. By being a HomeStory Authorized Dealer, you will be able to receive leads directly from their Millman Associates. Our automation system connects with their CRM instantly and those leads are filtered into our automation system which allows a seamless integration of contacting customers quickly and efficiently.